Founded in 1984 TEOREMA s.r.l. is now an established presence in the industrial gaskets markets, with more than 600 customers in Italy and abroad our firm strives to satisfy and improve relations with its customers through constant insistence on quality and the use of advanced technology and automated equipment. We use certified and 6espoke materials, themselves a guarantee of our reliability and professionalism. Our avant-garde articles and components are homogenous with our excellent consultant and engineering services, as well as the first-rate manufacture of semi-finished and finished pro- ducts. TEOREMA s.r.l.'s strong points are its highly efficient logistics system and certified quality system. Our firm's modern and well equipped organizational structure means we are able to produce and supply customers with small, medium and large size rubber articles of high technical content-components that unfailingly meet the requirements of each individual customer thanks to the contribution of our personalized design and technology. TEOREMA products are built from the entire range of polymers available today (NBR, EPDM, CR, ECO, VMQ, FVMQ, HNBR, FKM, VAMAC, ecc.). Our technicians and engineers work in close contact with the TEOREMA's Tests Laboratory and Quality System. Their professionalism and know-how allow us to:

1) Effect research projects and technical studies in order to build extremely strong and reliable products either on our own premises or together with our customers' own research E development departments.  

2) Handle all purchase orders in absolute respect of customer specifications and agreed delivery times.  

3) Maintain agreed quality standards consistent over time through rigid adherence to TEOREMA's own certified ISO TS 16949:2009 QUALITY SYSTEM.


  • excellent materials
  • avant gard tools
  • Engineering
  • ISO TS 16949:2009